Prayer Requests

Please remember the following people in your prayers:

Janice Whipple

Carmine Battista

Margaret Hyatt

Ann Harris

Candy Collins

Pam Brunson and her father

Bryan Abernethy

Loren Fecas

Miranda McBroom

Julie Hildebrand

Keith Prine

Betty Ochoa

Martha and Chris Ulmer

Pat Bolen

Elizabeth Galizia

Shelba Dorman's uncle, Leon Jones

Beth Moffat's son, Tony and family

Patrick Morgan's uncle, Dr. Bud Morgan

Larry McWhorter’s mother, Helen

John Jones, son of Elizabeth Burwell Jones

Heather Jones’ cousin, Jen Bragg and mother, Sherry MacQueen

Nancy & Joe Goodson’s grandchild, Caitlin Goodson White

Walter Hiott’s father, David Hiott

Nick Galizia’s mother, Carol

Caleb Paquet, former student of Erynn Andersen

Allan Liegl, father of Jeff Liegl

Will Phillips, son of Jen Owens

Joe Dolan’s mother

Robin Permenter’s step brother

Sheila Wright, mother of Miranda McBroom

Craig & Susan Johnston and their son, Christopher, cousins of Jay Jester & Kate Andersen

Randy Hildebrand & Kelli Miller

David Woody’s mother and cousin

Terri Largent’s brother

Candy Collins’ granddaughter, Makayla

Stacey Painter’s grandmother

Jerry Meadows’ brother, Warren Murray

Jeslyn Wilson’s brother, Bob Neely

Jeff Liegl’s grandmother

Alison Swink’s uncle, Fred Hawkins

Linda Baker, friend of Shelba Dorman

Tricia, friend of Linda Manning

Susan Jones, friend of the Brunson’s

The Deering family’s friends, Henry Perritt & Andrew Mears

Terri DeVane & Howard Snyder, friends of the Manning’s

Joyce Murphy & Midge Peery, friends of the Meadow’s

Priscilla Crumpler, friend of Frances Abernethy

Michael McCabe, friend of Shelba Dorman

Christina Liegl’s friend, Jill Bean

Jeff Switzer, friend of Frances Abernethy

Paul Johnson, friend of Stacy Sergent

Tom Buckner, friend of Christina Liegl

The Dawkins’ family, including their college sons

If you would like to be added to our prayer list, click here to send an email request.