Mission Group Meeting November 20, 2016

Executive Summary:

·       Voted to give $1500 from the Special Project line item for the 2017 Intergenerational Mission trip to cover the cost of supplies.

·       Lowcountry Foodbank November mission event was successful with 20 participants.

·       All 30 Halo’s names were given out with gifts due by Dec 4th.

·       16 people have committed to 2017 Intergenerational Mission trip.

·       The Starfish family will go shopping for Thanksgiving before the holiday for food.  The mission’s team agreed to a Christmas gift with a letter from Don Flowers effectively ending Providence’s official relationship with the family.

·       No leader for the Starfish program has been identified and we will solicit a volunteer through the weekly newsletter

·       Thomas Sisson will be Mission’s Chairperson for 2017.