Ministry Coordination Council
Providence Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Call to Order: 6:30pm

Roll Call: 
-    MCC Members - Nancy McWhorter, Moderator; Jennifer Whipple Morgan, Clerk; Scott Christie, Cyndy Keyes, Linda Manning, Scott McBroom, John Painter, Darrell Bare
-    MCC Members absent - Pam Carroll (out of town, sent report)
-    Ex-Officio Members Present – Deanna McBroom, David Woody, Bo Prosser (by phone)

Nancy led us in a centering devotion, focused on calm in the storm (Mark 4 and Richard Rohr's Falling Upward).

February minutes: Cyndy moved and Linda seconded to approve; MCC unanimously approved.

Ministry Coordinator Reports
-    Scott Christie
o    3-18-18 visitors/new members reception scheduled; continue to review weekly communication cards;
o    Missions group is coordinating local speakers for May and events for next couple of months; Providence Cares is on the calendar.
-    Nancy (Public Relations)
o    Communications team helped promote spring lecture series (increase from 2 to 30 from 1st to 2nd session); created form for members/group leaders to complete when they need church related information publicized;
o    Announcements for website can be sent to Woody and Matt Largent for immediate updates; Richard Gee helping with more complex updates.
-    Linda
o    Regarding membership, Renee has continued to work on directory, creating list of members and regular visitors;
o    Beth is working with Richard to create an easel to have in another corner of sanctuary to announce upcoming events.
-    Scott McBroom
o    Morgan McQueeney is setting up a virtual Worship Group meeting in preparation for Holy Week. There will be a scheduled meeting in either April or May.

-    John Painter
o    Has been out of town and not met with his committees, but does not anticipate new information.
-    Pam Carroll (sent content in report below via email)
o    Children's Ministry (LeAnn):  
•    Next Children's Ministry meeting scheduled for 3/11/18 after church service.  Speaker Series on 2/25 was very well attended. Two remain: March 18th, April 22nd; 
•    New format for VBS - Play, Learn and Serve weekend, June 15-17.  Family & church-wide focus, including Stop Hunger now on Saturday for families.  Details are being finalized; will be looking for volunteers to help! 
o    Youth Ministry (Walter): 
•    After church service lunch for youth & their parents, 3/4/18.  
o    Adult Ministry (Dawn):  
•    Adult Ministry Group met after church Sunday, Feb, 25, 2018.  Brainstormed ideas for adult ministry during 2018, including summer class for college students; combining adult Sunday School classes 3 times per year (spring, summer, fall) for short-term study (like the one Darrell is teaching on March 18 & 25); another "Lunch & Learn" short-term study (like the one Carmine did in summer 2017);  some type of on-line study where participants would meet in person once a month & communicate on-line with each other in between times (similar to the youth meetings Woody facilitated at one time).  
•    Discussed changing name of Terry & Jeslyn Wilson's Sunday School class to "Young Adults," to encourage young professionals to join the class.
•    Discussed desire to see increase in adult participation in Sunday School and building community through opportunities such as combined short-term adult Sunday School studies or possible combined adult Sunday School class fellowships (e.g., Christmas parties).
o    Fellowship (Pam/Tanya)
•     2/25/18 - celebrated 22nd PBC anniversary with cake/punch;
•    3/4/18 MCC & Transition Team organized reception for Bo & Gail Prosser's first Sunday at PBC;
•    Upcoming events:   3/24/18 - Salt Shakers, 3/25/18 - Palm Sunday Potluck & Easter Egg Hunt. 

Transition and Part-time Interim Pastor
-    Bo Prosser:
o    will meet with Transition Team on Monday, March 19th ; plan to schedule listening sessions starting after Easter;
o    felt welcomed by church this past weekend;
o    Bo shared with Carolyn, Woody, & Deanna yesterday; thinks we need to share formally with the church that Woody has the “role of COO,” so things go through him, so people know who the designated person is – clarify communication lines and decision tree;
o    Bo discussed some ideas with Richard Gee about needed nuances for the website.
Financial Report (Cyndy Keyes; see full report attached)
-    February: brought in more than spent; only used $1856 from preschool to break even in February;
-    Pledge total increased $4800 over previous total, which is now $78.9% of total budget;
-    Still going through restricted accounts ($141,000) with Carolyn; once complete, we will establish policy, especially regarding memorials.

-    Minister of Music Position
o    time to look at overall needs in addition to music:
•    could keep same job description or revise to include other combinations that could possibly benefit church better;
•    as a minister, Deanna’s responsibilities go beyond just leading music (participates at MCC meetings, liaison with various groups, pastoral care);
•    regardless, need a qualified, capable music director;
•    could bring in someone on a contract/paid interim basis until we call a new pastor;
•    Nancy will talk with Leah (Personnel) about starting the process.
-    Woody’s Sabbatical
o    Reminded us his sabbatical will be April (with the exception of Easter) and August;
o    Plans to delve into strength-based coaching and explore its connection to congregational life;
o    Anne Lynch will take over newsletter during sabbatical;
o    Wednesday nights will continue with story sharing and Woody will set up speakers;
o    Pastoral care – will set up schedule with ordained ministers within congregation.

Report from Woody
-    LGBTQIA discussion sessions
o    Approximately 60 in attendance
•    Charles Taylor’s class chose not to attend because they stated they are in favor of Woody performing a same-sex ceremony within our sanctuary.
o    The majority of written responses from Sunday were welcoming and affirming, with some who expressed not knowing or being sure of their personal position, and a few against homosexuality and/or same-sex marriage and/or same-sex marriage within the church.
o    Thomas Flood will share his personal story tomorrow night during the Wednesday night story-sharing session;
o    Deanna reminded us we are wanting to encourage conversations within our already established groups, such as Sunday School class, care groups, choir, etc.  
-    Holy Week Services
o    Maundy Thursday, 7pm; Good Friday Tennebrae, 7:30pm, Easter Sunday, 10:30am;
o    Bo will be at the Easter service, and possibly some of the other Holy Week services.

Report from Deanna
-    The congregation now knows Deanna is continuing as Minister of Music through December;
-    She is willing to step into an additional role during Woody’s sabbatical and she has communicated that to Leah (Personnel).

No new business

-    Bo moved to adjourn, many seconded, followed by unanimous approval;
-    Adjourned at 8:12pm.

Financial Report 3/6/18     

2018 budget:     $386,520.47  
needed per mo:     $32,210

Feb. rec’d:     $36,676.53

•    Revenues    $59,965.86        plus preschool  $10,722.05

Total Revenue:      $70,737.91

•    Expenses    $57,907.63        plus mortgage  $3,914.91
Total Expenses:    $61,822.54

•    Net total    8,915.37  
•    So, we used $1,856.68 from the Preschool revenue to make ends meet

•    2017 Feb: $29,058.76

•    2018 Feb: $36,676.53

The Treasurer will come up with a proposal for the dissemination of funds in certain restricted accounts.  In consultation with the Finance Group and then the MCC, certain of these funds will be released for spending.

Pledges to date are $327,216, an increase of $4800 from last month.

Ministry Coordination Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Roll Call
·    MCC Members: Cyndy Keyes, Pam Carroll, Scott McBroom, Darrell Bare, Scott Christie, John Painter, Linda Manning, Jennifer Morgan, Nancy McWhorter

·    Ex-Officio: David Woody, Deanna McBroom
 Prayer Concerns
 Call to order 6:40pm
 December 2017 and January 2018 Minutes: 

·    Scott Christie moved to approve, Pam Carroll seconded; unanimous approval
 Ministry Coordinator Reports

·    Nancy McWhorter
o    Will talk with PR group about creating a style guide or simple format for members to share information with them

·    Congregational Care (Linda Manning)
o    LeAnn Gardner has agreed to serve as Baby Care coordinator
o    Membership committee making progress working through the former directory, communication cards, and electronic survey data
·    Spiritual Development and Activities (Pam Carroll)
o    Children: announced family lecture series; Terri Largent & Lacey Hedden chairing VBS (June 15-17, which is Father’s Day weekend) – Friday night is drop off kids, parents leave; Saturday is Stop Hunger Now, then parent & child break-out sessions, followed by luncheon provided by fellowship committee; Sunday is concluding sessions during Sunday School; Cyndy planning Lenten activity for children
o    Dawn Bare has many ideas for Adult Education
o    Fellowship: next event is PBC Church Anniversary on February 25th; other events planned through year (see attached)
·    Worship (Scott McBroom)
o    last group meeting was in November; next is scheduled for new Worship Group on March 11th; Scott has encouraged new Group Leader, Morgan McQueeney, to talk with our interim about what s/he wants or needs
·    Operations (John Painter)
o    Facilities: nothing new to report – maintaining building as always, air filters changed Sunday
o    Finance: Jeff Liegl is traveling; refer to Cyndy’s treasurer report
o    Technology: nothing new to report
·    Christian Action (Scott Christie)
o    Missions: project this coming Saturday (Metanoia Garden)
o    Nothing new to report from other groups
 Transition and Part-time Interim Pastor

·    all MCC members pleased with content and interactions from Sunday, February 4, meeting with Bo Prosser, potential part-time interim
·    we have a contract developed by Personnel Committee, consistent with MCC discussion (found in January meeting minutes)
·    The MCC unanimously recommends we extend an offer to Dr. Bo Prosser to serve as Interim
·    Timeline
o    Wed., February 7: present proposal to PBC regarding extending interim offer and budget
o    Wed., February 21: Skype with Bo Prosser
o    Sun., February 25: vote on Bo and budget
o    Sun., March 4: Bo’s first Sunday, pending vote of affirmation
·    The MCC agrees to waive the statement within the bylaws that prevents a church member from serving as leader/chair of two groups or committees to allow John Swink to serve as Chair of both the Nominating Committee, a standing committee, and the Transition Team, which is an ad hoc committee
 Financial Report (Cyndy Keyes, Treasurer)

·    See attached report
·    Plans for each group leader to receive financial reports monthly to follow spending, specifically related to their groups
·    Recommends an audit; discussed with John Swink, who recommends doing this each time the Treasurer changes (every 3 years) – we may not be able to afford an audit this year because not already in the budget; will talk with John Swink about recommendations for auditor and how in depth it needs to be
·    Personnel needs to develop policies related to expense accounts
·    Cyndy plans to purge the restricted accounts as much as possible to avoid having to dip into restricted accounts to pay unplanned expenses, then paying them back; items such as “Flynn” (unknown), “New Church Startup,” etc. are likely no longer needed
·    We need to determine how to disseminate budget information in the worship guide
 Budget Approval and Voting Date
·    See synopsis attached within Treasurer’s report
·    Will revisit budget in Fall 2018 based on attendance, energy, engagement, and giving patterns
·    Scott Christie moves to approve the budget to present to the congregation on Wednesday, February 6, 2018, with vote scheduled for February 25th
 Personnel Issues

·    Minister of Music Position
o    Personnel met and approved for Deanna McBroom to stay through the end of the year rather than retire at the end of May; she has historically had 8 weeks away from church and has asked for the equivalent of 1 Sunday per month instead, that can be covered with volunteers (Deanna will still be responsible for worship planning for those weeks)
o    will revisit the search process for a new Minister of Music or Interim in June
o    March 12th at 7:30pm is Deanna’s last concert at the College (Simons Center Recital Hall)
·    Woody’s Sabbatical
o    takes a sabbatical of 2 months every 4 years – this year will split his time between April and August so that he is not gone for two straight months during our interim/transition period; this plan has been approved by Personnel
o    plan is to work more on Gallup Strength Finder and ways to bring that into PBC related to what we as individuals and small groups can offer
o    Deanna is open to taking on more administrative work and pastoral care during Woody’s sabbatical, to be discussed with Personnel later
o    will coordinate Wednesday night planning, pastoral care, and other responsibilities for while he is gone
 Report from Woody

·    working on processes with Carolyn
·    discussed decision to perform same-sex marriage for an active church member – has agreed to perform ceremony and notified Personnel
o    has been asked to perform this ceremony at the church on June 23rd
o    if we decide to have the ceremony at the church, we need to notify the congregation due to the importance of our shared sacred space
o    The MCC unanimously affirms David Woody performing a same-sex marriage ceremony.
o    The members of the MCC are supportive of allowing same-sex marriages to be performed at Providence. Recognizing that this is a sensitive subject, we recommend that the congregation be guided in respectful conversations leading to a consensus policy on this topic. In addition, we strongly believe that it is essential that this topic be resolved and a policy adopted prior to beginning a search for our next pastor. 
 Report from Deanna  

·    has had conversations with Woody regarding liaisons to committees and once the interim is on board will reorganize assignments
·    PBC Choir is doing a concert at Franke at Seaside Chapel on February 18th at 3pm
 Adjournment 10:30pm
 Financial Report 2/6/18

·    1/31/18:      Revenues    $28,957.55
    Expenses $32,995.62
    Net total ($4,038.07)
·    Beginning in March, each group will receive its budget to date.  It is the responsibility of the chair of each group to concur with the expenses presented.  
·    The Treasurer is proposing an audit be conducted this year and every first year of a Treasurer’s tenure.  This is not in the budget so it may be postponed until Jan. 2019.  It should be common practice every 3 years.
·    Personnel will need to work with Finance to come up with financial oversight of minister’s expense accounts as well as policy and procedure with regard to miscellaneous expenses, continuing ed,/conferences, etc.
·    It is the intention of the Treasurer to clean up the restricted accounts this year.  Each MCC and Group leader is urged to peruse the restricted account list and tell the Treasurer what they know about any individual line items regarding intention of use.
·    Should budget information continue to be in the Worship Guide?  TBD at next meeting?
 2018 Budget

·    Pledges to date are $322,416.  The revised budget (which includes the interim and the Minister of Music’s yearlong salary) is $386,520.47.  This represents a drop of roughly $31,000.  
·    Giving over pledges has historically been declining the last 3 to 5 years.  If giving over pledging is 12%, we can expect to receive $361,106.  At 15% it would be $370,778.  At 20%, it would be $386,899.
·    It seems reasonable to move forward with the new budget of $386,520.47 and adjust in the Fall of 2018 if necessary.