Lenten Partnered Conversations

During the Season of Lent, a common practice is to “give up” something of significance as a sacrificial reminder of the suffering and death Christ endured for us. Folks might give up chocolate, pizza, soft drinks, social media, etc. as a tangible means to help stay focused on Jesus and the cross.

This Lent, instead of “giving up” something, we have an opportunity for you to “add something” to your Season of Lent, that will help you focus on Jesus and Community.

The opportunity is to spend the 40 days of Lent, 6 weeks, in a study on Community with a partner from within the church.

Woody will collect all the names of those interested in participating in this opportunity and make partnerships. Spouses are encouraged to participate, but they won’t be partnered with each other. The idea behind the partnerships is to connect folks within the congregation who might not normally have a reason to connect. We have quite a few small groups within Providence, and the hope is to expand our circles a little wider.

Woody will provide 6 lessons (short readings, scripture passages, and questions) on different aspects of building and being community. You and your partner will commit to “get together” at least once each week to talk about the reading and share insights.

The “get together” can be in any form that works best for the partnership. If getting together for 6 consecutive Saturday mornings at Starbucks works for each person—do it! If sharing lunch or dinner once a week is better—do it! If spending time on the phone is more convenient—go for it! If having a weeklong Facebook message conversation or text conversation is more effective—do that!

Regardless of how you “get together” with each other to talk about the material, the goal is to work with your partner to make a consistent connection through Lent. Some folks are more comfortable in face-to-face settings and have the time to make that happen. Others don’t like face-to face, but love talking on the phone. Still others only talk through their texting. However you choose, connect with your partner to have the conversations. Woody will give you the material; you provide the venue.

The material will be six, short sessions on the theme of community. Each week you will have 4-10 pages to read. It’s not a lot of reading, but it will require you to think. There will be questions to go with the reading to help you understand the material and also help you respond to what you’ve read. There will also be scripture passages related to each reading to help bring in a biblical perspective. Woody will also provide a conversation guide for each session to help with the conversation and discussion with your partner.

This study is a great opportunity to spend time reading and discussing an important topic for church. And, spending time, in whatever mode you choose, is a great opportunity to get to know someone else in the Providence community on a deeper level.

If you are interested in being a part of this new adventure, please complete the form below.

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, February 26.

Partnership assignments and all materials will be emailed on Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), February 28.


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