Intergenerational Mission Trip to Laredo, TX.

Next summer, June 10-17, the Missions Group is planning an intergenerational, church-wide Mission Trip to Laredo, TX. We will learn from and work with Ben and Leonora Newell. Ben and Leonora are CBF Field Personnel and have been with us at Providence in the past. 

The plan is to get a group of all ages to spend a week on the Texas border learning, working, and fellowshipping with folks from the area. In a brief list of bullet points, our plan will be:

  • fly on Saturday, June 10 from  Charleston to San Antonio
  • rent vans for the 2 ½ drive to Laredo
  • live at Laredo Stepping Stone Conference Mission Service Center
  • provide our own breakfasts and dinners during the week (lunches will be prepared by local residents)
  • worship with a local congregation on Sunday the 11th and spend the afternoon shopping a sight-seeing
  • work, learn, and fellowship Monday through Thursday—building brick pizza ovens, making dirt bricks for homes, learning about human trafficking, and other projects/topics
  • Friday we travel back to San Antonio to sight-see and relax
  • Saturday the 17th we fly home

This trip will include youth and any interested children and adults. Ben said he’s willing to take children as young as 1-year-old. He didn’t give a maximum age, so there is no age limit. Participating youth will not need a parent to go, as Woody will be in charge of them. Children, however, will need at least one parent to go.

According to the CBF website: 
“The Newells are opening up a new front in Christian economic development in the Texas colonias. On the border, they are finding that the needs that are not being met relate to economic development, facilitating jobs and income.

Seeking to be the presence of Christ among those who live in poverty, the Newells believe that long-term transformation will occur with a combination of mercy and development. They cite the story of Elijah and the widow as a biblical example of providing the resources to help someone create what they need.

The business as mission (BAM) principle is the same, providing business planning seminars, access to capital and accounting software training. The Newells help to start, grow and sustain businesses and equip Christian entrepreneurs to run productive businesses.

This type of ministry is not new for the Newells. In 2011, they moved to Texas from Phillips County, Ark., where BAM was part of their mission in one of the poorest counties in the country.”

This is an exciting opportunity for our church. Because of the transportation, though, it will not be a cheap venture. Taking into consideration the guesstimated airline tickets, lodging and food costs, and materials fee, the trip will cost around $900 per person.

The Missions Group has a line item in next year’s budget to help defray individual costs for the trip, and if approved, will reduce the total cost by $200 per person (based on 30 people going). There are many opportunities for fundraisers throughout the year, which can also help defray the cost.

Since this trip has a higher price tag than previous trips, and since it involves more than just the youth group, we need to know how many people plan to go so we can make firm decisions and plans. The deadline to sign up for this trip is Sunday, October 30. No money is due then, but your name on the dotted line is a commitment that you plan to go. We have set the deadline to help us determine if there is enough interest to make this trip a reality, and to help us start with all the necessary planning.

Please prayerfully consider your involvement with this opportunity. 

If you would like to participate in this mission opportunity, please complete the form below.

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