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Sunday December 21


Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law. Romans 13:10

I was around nine or so at the time, with minimal previous experiences with the homeless, and I was spending the day with my granddad — Gene Meadows, just a few days before Christmas. Previously he had met a homeless man who usually rested at the same spot each day on Calhoun Street downtown, near his house. My granddad told me to get in the car because we had to go to Harris Teeter. Assuming that he simply needed more groceries, I climbed into the backseat, buckled up, and we were off to the store! Upon arrival, he explained how we were going to bring the homeless man some food since Christmas was around the corner, clarifying how the man likely wouldn’t be able to partake in a Christmas dinner for himself. Having finished shopping, we departed from Harris Teeter and made route for the homeless man, anticipating that he would be in his usual spot on Calhoun Street.

Per usual, he was there. We pulled over, stepped out of the car, and began to approach him with our arms carrying the two bags of groceries. As he realized that we were walking towards him, a confused look ran across his face, only to be quickly replaced by a huge gap-toothed smile, as his eyes lit up with joy recognizing my granddad’s face and noticing the abundant amount of groceries that were for him. Though the two hardly knew each other, they shared a mutual feeling of compassion and love for one another, resulting in the homeless man being tremendously grateful and thanking us for sharing our love with him during that Christmas season. Romans 13:10 states how you should show love to everyone all the time and it is your duty to do so.

As a self-meditation, think about how you can help brighten someone’s day this holiday season by showing compassion and being a friend to them whenever they may need it. Also, reflect on how you can better express your love and improve your relationship with those who are close to you.

Ethan McAlpin is a junior at Porter-Gaud high school. He is a Charleston native, though born in Miami, FL. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and surfing in his free time.